New Product: Kärcher Chassis Cleaner

We love Kärcher products. We've been using their fabulous jet wash kit on our Project S4 and lucky press cars that get treated to a wash on test with Road Magazine using this K3.550 unit:
And now they have a brand new piece of kit out – a chassis cleaner, retailing at £79.99 RRP. This innovative product aims to cut underbody rust and damage from road salt, post Winter, preveting corrosion damage, by keeping your underside clean as a whistle. Kärcher – the world’s number one pressure washer manufacturer – say: "This new product is the perfect solution to removing road salt from the hard to reach underside of vehicles when the inevitable winter weather conditions take hold of the UK over the coming weeks. Many drivers aren’t aware of the damage road salt can do to the underside of cars which can spread to all areas including metal brake pipes, tyres and even air bags. According to the AA, mud stuck to the underside of a car soaks up salt-laden spray and speeds up corrosion, and with car damage caused by salt corrosion costing the nation £500 million per winter, Kärcher has come to the rescue of UK motorists with their Chassis Cleaner." The product works by cleaning and protecting your vehicle in three easy steps: First apply the shampoo with the applicator. Second clean with the rotating high pressure head and finally, third, apply the protection treatment with the applicator. Kärcher say this treatment will protect the underside of your vehicle for up to 6 weeks from the further threat of corrosion. And it's not just for cars, vans and lorries, but is suitable for even caravans and motorhomes, thanks to its height adjustable rotating high pressure head (11cm to 38cm). The AA refer to this product as "the perfect solution to clean and protect the underside of your vehicle." Research, from Professor Tony Hindle of Lancaster University Management School, an expert in salt corrosion, found the average family car can lose 16 % of its value over five years, amounting to thousands of pounds, purely because of salt corrosion. Phil Springall, Marketing Manager of the Home and Garden Division at Kärcher UK comments: "The solution to corrosion caused by winter road salt is remarkably simple – a thorough wash of your vehicle’s chassis with the Kärcher Chassis Cleaner. This will not only in keep your vehicle safe, but will also in maintain its value. With our new system in three easy steps it couldn’t be easier to clean and protect the hard to reach underside of your vehicle." The new Kärcher package comes with free shampoo and protection treatment samples for your 1st chassis service and has a two year guarantee. The product is compatible with every Kärcher high pressure washer and is available from £79.99 RRP.


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