FOR SALE: Amazing 1000PS Mitsubishi Evo Drag Car

This incredible 1000PS (dyno proven 1094bhp and 842bhp ATW) Mitsubishi Evo drag car lined up for German TV star and race ace, Tim Schrick to test last year (see the full article here: is now for sale here in the UK! It's an absolute bargain at just £30,000, as it's loaded with potent performance parts worth a lot more than that. Owner, Andy Robinson, will also supply a PPG drag gear set with the car if the asking price is paid, and that is the final link in the chain needed to make this an easy 9-second quarter mile car, if not quicker. Only for the brave! If you are interested, you can find out more via: , and to make an offer call Andy on +44(0)7970 779910.


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