Classic From The Attic: 1988 Silverstone BTCC

1988 was a classic year for the BTCC, with four classes of iconic performance cars on the grid, from the Toyota Corolla of Class D (up to 1600cc), VW Golf GTi of Class C (1601-2000cc), BMW M3 & Ford Escort RS Turbo (2001cc-3000cc) of Class B and of course, the epic RS500 Ford Sierra Cosworths of Class A (3001cc up). The big boost Cossies dominated the grid, with ace drivers like Andy Rouse, Graham Goode and Jerry Mahony battling it out every round. Here's some fabulous, Murray Walker-commented footage from round one of the 1988 BTCC at Silverstone. Just watch what a handful the RS500's were at this fast circuit, spitting flames in their sideways wake. Epic. Road Magazine Ed, Phil Royle, had the pleasure of driving around Donington Park in Andy Rouse's old Kaliber-livery RS500 from this era a few years back, and even though it was 20 years old, it pasted everything on track on that race test day, effortlessly. They are frighteningly fast beasts these old Cossies, requiring big balls driving... as the in-car footage demonstrates. Quality. Wonder whether the 2012 BTCC will be this exciting...


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