Incredible Subaru Isle of Man TT Record Attempt Video

Any excuse to show this fabulous TT Course Record Video again and our Subaru special of Road Magazine seems reason enough: Here, Mark Higgins has "the scariest drive" of his life, in a mildly modified USA-spec WRX STi, with roll cage, uprated dampers, brake pads and straight through exhaust. And he flies! Mark sets an all-time course record for the historic Isle of Man TT Mountain Course, averaging an incredible 115.356mph. After the run, Higgins talks through the "moment" at Brey Hill when he momentarily loses, and then regains, control of the WRX STi at more than 150mph – some seriously skilled speedy reactions there! Hero! The 2011 Subaru WRX STI hit speeds of 162mph and a lapped time of 19:37 seconds over the 37-mile track, navigating more than 200 corners. "This is one of the most daunting tracks I have ever driven, and the most terrifying," said Higgins, a Manx native. "We were only able to get two practice runs and on our second practice I had the biggest "moment" of my career. We had a passenger on the run and so coming into Bray Hill at more than 150mph, the extra weight (passenger journalist!) compressed the suspension more than on previous runs and shifted the Subaru to the left and then right as I corrected – it was a real tank slapper. The whole thing went by so quickly that we never slowed below 110mph, and then we were back on the power. It was amazing and the helicopter shots really show just how hairy it really was." If this doesn't make you respect the Subaru WRX STi, nothing will...


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