It's A Wrap! Vinyl Wrap!

Vinyl wraps, or "car wraps" as they are known in the trade have got to be one of the coolest new wave modifications: Cheaper than a re-spray, cooler, quicker and a fabulous way of visually transforming your car, and protecting its paintwork from stone chips and wear and tear, therefore increasing its residual value. And the sky is pretty much the limit with design. Awesome eh? We love a good wrap here at Road, and our favourites are matt black, matt Army green, carbon fibre and, with a suitably flashy supercar, chrome. What are your favs? We're so turned on by the vinyl wrap idea, we're very, very tempted to get Project S4 wrapped up ( And we'd recommend these guys, who have centres across the UK and do printed commercial stuff too, including work for celebs, like Peter Andrea, Judge Jules and Wayne Rooney! What's your wrap style? Above we see a nice WRX STi going from boring STi, everyman color to matt black, thanks to Totally Dynamic. Likey? We do... and not only for the 'matt black vinyl wrap' name!
NB: See more ace Subaru stuff in the latest issue of Road Magazine:


  1. man that matte black looks badass! check out this website you can design your own graphics on for car wraps -

    I don't think they have matte black but you can upload anything you want or do sick fades, pretty cool


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