Jenson Button 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS For Sale

The recession must even be hitting loaded F1 drivers, as Jenson Button is selling his 1973 Carrera RS – a snip at £210,000! The Somerset-born star owns a string of supercars made by Ferrari, McLaren and Bugatti. But his 1973 Carrera RS is considered the 'holy grail' of 911 models and is highly sought after by collectors. Porsche wanted to race the 911 but was required to build 500 'homologation' models which could be driven legally on roads beforehand. So they launched the Carrera RS – with Button's sports car the first Porsche which wealthy businessmen could drive to work in during the week and thrash around a racetrack at the weekend. It was a stiffer, lighter, more powerful 911 fitted with a 2.7-litre engine developing 210bhp. A huge demand meant Porsche ended up building 1,590 models, with Jenson's 1,280 off the production line. It's a lovely old 911, but £210,000. You could get a sorted RSR for that! 


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