Audi A1 Quattro Vs Audi Quattro: Snow

Audi have just launched the new, mildy nuts A1 Quattro supermini – all £40,000 and 256bhp/258lb ft of it – on the snow-covered tracks and ice fields of Scandinavia. You'd better be quick if you want one of these in the UK though, as only 20 are coming, and 15 have sold already! Audi are on a bit of a power trip (literally!) of late, with the mad 355bhp, 176mph TT RS upgrade, the new 450bhp 4.2-litre V8 RS4 and now this pocket rocket... but, personally, we still prefer the warbling Audi Quattro's of old... as rally driver, Frank Sprongl kindly demonstrated on the A1 launch, in long wheel base form. Nice... and as he says "modern cars are so easy to drive.' Yawn! Give us a Group B Quattro any day of the week...


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