COOL VIDEO: Ken Block: 2012 Schedule

Most folk send a dull, static, badly written press release and a few images... not Kenny of the block. Oh no! He does a cool viral video, of course, called "car porn" – showing off parts of his Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle (Fiesta GWT!) hitherto unseen, and revealing his involvement in 19 events, across five continents, in five different disciplines, with three different cars, including global rallycross and various North American Rally events in the USA, three WRC races (Mexico in March, New Zealand in June and Finland in August), the Summer X-Games in LA (June 30-July 1st) and of course, Gymkhana V and the Gymkhana World Tour this Summer. As he says "I"m really stoked on how wild my schedule is this year and I love that I'm going to be driving in such a variety of amazing races and events. I have one of the most unique driving programs in the world. I'm a lucky bast**d and I truly appreciate it. It's gunna be one awesome year!" You said it Ken...


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