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The latest FREE monthly issue of Road Magazine is live – now available to view on your iPhone, iPad or smart phone too! Hooray! This month Road Magazine test drives the "Subaglue" effect, on the soaked, icy roads of the Lake District in a rapid re-mapped Subaru WRX STi 320R, takes a pair of 'go anywhere' Forester and Legacy Boxer Diesel range-toppers on and off road and goes rallying in the perfect Prodrive Group N WRX STi. Flat-four-tastic! Also this issue, Neil Cole's new 'Cole Position' column talks Monte Carlo Rally and we show you what you missed at Autosport 2012. You can view it here:
And you can see all the back issues on your smart phone or tablet here: or here: and here: Please share us with your friends and family. 100% FREE. Thanks, Phil Royle, Road Editor.


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