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This is the awesome Drift Allstars (http://www.drift-allstars.com/) 2011, Europe's premier drift event, in full flight, and what a sight, and sound it is! Nobody does drift events better across Europe, and 2012 (it's fifth year) is all set to be another massive year for them (and us with them, as we will be bringing you all the action here on the blog and in www.roadmagazine.co.uk), with fabulous live streaming of each round onto the 'net of their seven events across Europe, which include:
Drift Allstars Round 1: Birmingham Speedway, UK, May 18-19th
Drift Allstars kicks off the season at Birmingham Speedway. The finals will be under light and the local Driftworks team in attendance.
Drift Allstars Round 2: London O2 Arena, UK, June 23-24th
After four years at Wembley, it's the bigger, better O2 Arena this year – showcasing the best drivers at the most famous stop of the calendar. Within sight of Canary Wharf, there is no better venue to increase the awareness of Drift Allstars London events.
Drift Allstars Round 3: Punchestown, Ireland, July
Drift Allstars has always had a strong European following, but with such a high percentage of Irish drivers it seemed fitting to launch our first stop of the 2012 international tour in the emerald isle at the famous venue Punchestown. With competitive events taking place at the venue since 2006, could this be the biggest drift event ever to hit Ireland? We reckon...
Drift Allstars Round 4: Constantsa Stadium, Romania, August 17-19th
Following on from the success of the 2011 exhibition event in Bucharest, Constanta seaside resort on the Black Sea, home to the rich and famous of Eastern Europe will play host to Round IV. With a custom venue being built inside the national stadium, this is sure to be one of the biggest events of the year.
Drift Allstars Round 5: Maripocs, Hungary, August 24-25th
Hungary, one of the super powers of European drifting will play host to round V of the tour. With one of the longest standing series in Europe and a revised Maripocs circuit for this event, this is set to be one of the biggest drift festivals in Europe this summer – collaborating with the Eastern European Drift Championship and the Balkan Drift series. Awesome!
Drift Allstars Round 6 (The Finals): Valleta, Malta, September 21-23rd
Drift Allstars returns to Malta once again in 2012, following the successful first international stop in the 2011 series Malta – for the 2012 Finals. There's a brand new exciting venue in this unique Mediterranean island, where drifting is growing bigger every year. Going to be big fun, and who will be crowned champion?
Nations Cup-Drift Grand Prix, Romania, October 5-7th
After the huge success of the 2011 Exhibition event at the Bucharest GP Circuit 2012, Bucharest will play host to the season ending Nation’s Cup – where the very best drivers from Western Europe will be facing off against the best drivers from Eastern Europe. The 2011 event went down in the record books as the most spectated event ever in Europe with 12 different nations competing and this year it is set to be even bigger.

Niall Gunn, Managing Director of Drift Allstars Europe, commented on the new calendar: “After our launch into Europe in 2011, it’s a natural progression to branch out even further. We found there was a huge demand to bring the show to Europe and having established a foundation in five countries across Europe and further exhibition events planned in Holland, UK and Greece 2012 it is set to be another big year for international drifting.”
It's going to be a hugely exciting year, and we can't wait to bring you all the sideways, tyre smoking, diff chomping action from each round, fascinating behind the scenes driver profiles, amazing video, live web links to watch the backwards entries and tandem drifts as they happen... and way more. There may soon be a Drift All Stars issue of Road too: Watch this space! Follow the action here on the blog and in Road Magazine in 2012, step by step and follow Drift All Stars on Twitter for more to at: https://twitter.com/#!/DRIFTALLSTARS
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