Road Magazine WRX STi 320R Test Car

Subaru have most kindly loaned us a stunning WRX STi 320R for the festive season, to feature in a Subaru special of, coming early 2012. We'll also be shooting some ace video of using our brand new, mega Mini DVR HD bullet cam from, for your entertainment. So, we're busy at Road HQ praying for snow, to make full use of the WRX STi 320R's outstanding four-wheel-drift abilities and to test out the amazing Japanese Spec C suspension upgrade and 20+ bhp hike. The 320R pack is amazingly FREE until the end of the year, making it a no brainer – the power upgrade is worth £799, and the SatNav is worth another £750. The standard vehicle is £32,995, and you can find out more and book a test drive at: Read more about this fabulous flat-four rumbling, quad exhaust booming, big boost WRX STi upgrade package here on the blog and in Road Magazine soon. Subaru's outstanding new rear-wheel-drive N/A BRZ might be getting all eyes at the moment, but let's take a moment to admire a true rally-bred, AWD, turbo nutter barge legend that's been around since 1992, in its old Impreza guise, the WRX and STI. Love it. Love it. Love it! Imprezaholics that we are... 


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