Alfa Romeo MiTo QV Aquabatics World Record

Watch 10-time Guinness World Record holder, Terry Grant annihilate over 2.500 water filled balloons with the help of our top of the range MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde in a never seen before stunt, and nicely shot video. As Harry Hill says... "I didn't expect to see that!"


  1. Well, it's certainly a more interesting way of washing your car than putting it through a car wash, if a tad impractical. I don't think I'd want the job of filling 2500 balloons and arranging them into the logo, it must have taken ages.

    But anyway, I wish that more car ads were like this. There's only a few that I remember, the True Colours ad for the Peugeot 406, the Space Invaders ad for the MiTo and the transformer-esque one for the Citroen C3. I also remember the ads for the Giulietta, but that's more to do with the line "Without heart, we would be mere machines." I'm not that keen on the ads, but I love that line.

  2. Hey Mel. Thanks for your lovely long comment and for reading Road magazine. Weirdly, given their fun, sexy subject matter, car ads are often so dull, cliche or just damn annoying.
    It's the imaginative ones that stick in your head... like the old classic VW Golf GTi one from 1980s, with fur coat, pearl necklace, red dress lady... a gem.
    The new Kia ads are just cheap...


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