Nissan Juke-R Hits The Track

The Nissan Juke R – a strange, yet exciting hybrid of a regular Juke and the Gen1 Nissan GTR – gets its first track outing, with a slightly frightened French car hack and worried Nissan test driver in the passenger seat, at Silverstone... looking mean in moody matt black, and sounding and going just like a GTR, only with a shorter wheel base and more body roll! Odd, but compelling stuff... and good on Nissan for building it. Special projects always rock! We want a go!


  1. The Nissan Juke R is awesome; wasn't it built in England without corporate permission? That's what I read anyways...

  2. Thanks LA Nissan. I believe it was a special project with Nissan and Nismo tuning arm... cool eh?


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