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Well, it’s that magical time of year again and what a Christmas gift we have for you lucky people, FREE, as ever, from Team Road Magazine & Blog – this month, celebrating motorsport monsters! We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a fabulous festive frolic and very Happy New Year. And also to say a big thanks for all the support, kind comments and best wishes we’ve received over the year. We love doing Road’s monthly magazine and daily updated blog for you, and we are so glad you all enjoy it so much. Do share us with your friends, join us on Facebook ( and Twitter @roadmagazine. As we enter our third year as the UK’s original digital car magazine and blog, we’ve lots of exciting new things to entertain you – starting with the introduction of TV stars, Gemma Scott (, testing green eco cars for us) and Neil Cole (, who’s doing a motorsport column for us. And you can read Neil’s first one, from the epic Race of Champions in this issue. It’s fabulous! Also this issue, we celebrate some motorsport monsters: Road USA correspondent, Ashley Van Dyke reports on the NASCAR Sprint Cup series from the desert city of Avondale – rumbling V8’s, huge speeds and concrete walls and all. Yee-haa! We also report from Bedford Autodrome, where news has broken that PalmerSport will be running a fleet of amazing Ariel Atoms in 2012, with new Sadev sequential gearboxes in tow. OMG! And we’ve already booked a seat to set a hot lap time there in 2012, to see if Road can get up the top of the new “Supergrid” leaderboard. Bring it on! We love Atoms. Finally, we’ve got a wonderful shoot by Road staff snapper, Neil Denham, on Hannu Mikkola’s Safari-rally-winning Mk1 Escort, and exacting replica, built by rally lover, Gordon Currie. Ace!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all you guys n gals Roadies. There's LOTS more here and at in 2012... so stay tuned. Meantime, below, you'll find direct links to all of the 2011 monthly issues of FREE Road magazine, to keep you occupied over the festive season, and 100's of blog posts, with news, videos and much more below that. Scroll down and down, page after page, and enjoy the FREE blog as well as FREE magazine, and remember to share Road Magazine & Blog with you friends and family over Christmas! Thanks! Have a good one, Road Editor, Phil Royle.


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