2013 Subaru BRZ GT300 Video

As if the news of the forthcoming Subaru BRZ coupe wasn't enough, we've also heard rumours of an STi version for the road. That's going to be special. Then this... the 2013 BRZ GT300 GT race car. The video says it all really... one of the best looking, nicest sounding, most agile, drop dead hunk of race aces we've seen for an age. Not much detail yet... but BMW's Z4, Nissan's 370Z and other sub-300bhp coupes should be bricking it on sight! And Subaru have been in GT racing long enough with the Legacy and Impreza WRX, that a win is surely in the pipeline, maybe with this weapon? The horizontally-opposed 'Boxer' engine will be linked to a sequential gearbox, with power fed to the rear wheels. Could you get a more intoxicating sub-300bhp formula? We think not... LUSH!


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