Drivers Unprepared for Winter Conditions: Video

More icy conditions top tips, via a course run at Goodwood, by Sainsbury's Finance – who recently revealed that icy road conditions cause over 1.3 million Winter road accidents (in five years), 38% of drivers are not aware of what to do if their car goes into a skid and over a quarter (27%) of drivers would take remedial action when skidding which would actually make their situation worse. The supermarket bank estimates that around 264,000 accidents could be caused this year by icy roads, with the research showing that 1.3 million drivers have had an accident in icy conditions in the past five years, with their average repair bill costing £1,773 to fix. For further information call 0800 092 9459, visit or pick up a leaflet in store. And watch this educational, top tips video for some knowledge, before the ice and snow hit you (if they haven't already!).


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