Road Magazine Project S4 2011 Review

In case you missed what we've been playing with this year, it's an old B5 Audi S4, with the 2.7-litre 30V bi-turbo V6. We bought a nice low miler with a sweet Superchips ECU remap in situ and have been slowly adding a few tweaks, to make it a better road car, also ready for occasional track days. It's been a lot of fun, and the mild tuning we've done has created an S4 that goes, stops and handles better, which still looking stock. It's a bit of a Q-car, which we like, even if others on track don't! She is pretty sorted and, despite being 12-years-old, can still show a clean pair of heals to most, driven properly. Check out our reports on this years tuning using Bilstein, Tarox, K&N, Dunlop, Millers Oils, Milltek Sports, Forge Motorsport at: Big thanks to you all for the sponsorship and to Dave Green at Henstead Motorsport – – for his ramp time and superior spanner skills! Merry Christmas one and all. See you on track in 2012 folks. And maybe, just maybe, the RS4 turbo  upgrade... and on and on, as you do. Now, where's this snow... I can feel another four-wheel-drift session coming on.


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