BMW M3 E36 3.0: 7.34 Ring Lap

On a bit of a Green Hell tip this morning... so thanks to and for this video proving why the oldies are still the goodies on the Nordschleife. Here, Adam and his E36 BMW M3 with mild, bolt-on tuning, set a cracking 7:34s lap of the Green Hell, even contending with a fair bit of traffic. Quick stuff. The car's got a 3.0-litre M3 lump, with 3.2-litre sump and oil pump and a Group-N restrictor in the cylinder-head. It's stripped out, caged-up and running KW coilovers, a Drexler LSD and, we suspect, slicks. Got a spare 22,000 Euro? Then this Raeder Motorsport fettled Ring tool is yours... contact Old skool Ring weapon eh?!


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