Ari Vatanen + Opel Manta 400 + Wet Manx Rally = "Oh, God no!"

It's been too long since we dug around in the archives for amazing old school rally footage, so we're re-kindling that love with a classic: Strap yourself in for a typical, wet, slippy Manx Rally Stage from 1983, with a driving God, Ari Vatanen, in a proper rally car, Opel Manta 400. Check out Ari's stunning car control and the co-pilot's resignation to death at 1:45s... "Oh God, no!" Classic! The sheer pace and commitment, in those conditions, driving 'Mad Manx' stages, on 1983 tyres/suspension/brakes is outstanding. Love it, love it, love it! Oh, for a time machine...


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