Tommi Mäkinen: Nürburgring Subaru WRX STI 2011

THIS is how to drive a Subaru WRX STi around the (typically foggy, damp) Green Hell. WRC-God, Tommi Makinen... we salute you, for your full chat, sideways rally style, not race ace Jackie Stewart "never apply the throttle until you know you never have to take it off" technique! A simply awesome "Mak attack," with telemetry and stopwatch to prove it, shot in May 2011, as part of Subaru's R&D on the fabulous WRX STi. Who better to test it's limits? Our fav bits... commitment in and out of Karussell, Hohe Acht section (listen to tortured tyres!), sheer pace and commitment at 6:20s, 157mph under the Bilstein bridge and the Jushi rally finish at an incredible 7:55 dead. Enjoy it Mak fans! Great lap.


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