Ariel Atom @ Bedford Autodrome

In the latest issue of Road Magazine, we reveal the new PalmerSport weapons – a fleet of Ariel Atoms, with a new sequential gearbox from Sadev. You can read the full story here: . Meantime, just to highlight how fast these Atoms are on track at the flat Bedford Autodrome, here's a bit of random, tube-attached footage of an Atom 300 (supercharged) in action. The PalmerSport ones may not have a supercharger and 'only' 245bhp from the N/A Vtec Honda engine, but imagine what a difference the sequential box will make to lap times! And slicks! Not to mention apex hitting (sorry Matt!). There's a new "supergrid" hot lap board been announced for the 2012 Atom fleet, for celebs, media and those on the PalmerSport courses, so expect to see tackle that once the Winter weather has gone... oh yeah baby!


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