New Falken SUV Performance Tyre Range

Falken has launched a new tyre aimed at the performance SUV market – the Azenis FK453CC. So, owners of Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport, BMW X6 and Audi Q7 etc. can now specify a high performance tyre exclusively designed for the big beef-cake buses. They say: "Its innovative construction and novel tread pattern offers better high speed stability, feel and lower noise levels for performance SUVs." The FK453CC is available in 14 sizes, for everything from a BMW X3 right through to a Mercedes ML and is "specifically created to meet the exacting demands of the performance SUV market, a sector that has grown to be the fourth most popular in countries such as Germany." The new Falken rubber features a more warp-resistant casing construction than comparable tyres in its segment. Secondly, their new “NUR-Spec” design incorporates an additional, nylon-reinforced cover ply and more rigid sidewalls, to improve stability, even at speeds up to 300km/h (186mph). This construction is complemented by a rounder tyre shoulder shape to optimise pressure deployment on the tread area. The result is a 21 percent improvement in steering stability over the previous S/TZ01 offering. One big issue with such heavy cars, with low profile rubber is noise and Falken has addressed this: "Thanks to the rounder shoulder and phase-shifted tread bars, drive-by noise is reduced by 15 percent compared with the tyre’s predecessor," says Yukio Yoshida, Falken Tyre Europe’s corporate planning director. And dry handling in particular is improved with grip levels up 14 percent compared to the predecessor, as tested at the Nürburgring, where Falken have extensive race experience. The Azenis FK453CC will be available from January 2012 in 14 different sizes with V, W and Y speed ratings. For more information and the full range, visit:


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