Lo-Lo-Lo-La Lola! Road's Neil Primrose & Isla Racing

Road Magazine writer, Travis drummer and racer, Neil Primrose has just re-launched the Isla Racing website at http://www.islaracing.com, specialising in Lola race car preparation, parts sales and other fabulous competition car sales. Check it out! Isla Racing began in 2006, as Neil Primrose developed an interest in historic motorsport alongside his regular forays in Porsche Club racing and national rallying and karting. After a class win and Index of Performance trophy on the 2007 Tour Britannia, Neil and fellow historic racing friend, Paul Howells took a Porsche 906 to Classic Le Mans and finished 4th in class first time out. Then it was all about Lola – namely those in the Two Litre Sports Prototype category such as the T212 and T290-4 series cars. Neil says: "It was very apparent that cars with real period history properly developed, tested and prepared would be extremely competitive and good fun to drive!" Now Isla Racing is a business and serious passion, seeking success in competition. Neil says: "The aim is to own and prepare the most historically important Lola Prototypes with real provenance and history, then prepare them for competitive events with the reliability to win. We also feel that it is very important the cars are run and maintained to their original and correct specification as in period during the two litre Sportscar Championship. However after co-development with our partners in the motorsport industry, we are able to make the cars very reliable in competition, and prepare them to a very high standard with major regards to driver safety. In order to facilitate better all round performance, ourselves and our partners can supply from the original plans and drawings new and improved castings, parts and componentry to ensure stronger reliability for most Lola two litre Sports Prototypes." In 2012, Isla Racing will offer new FVC engines or kits as well as their respective parts – supplied as per original specification and FIA Period correct. Neil says: "Employing stronger and more reliable casting techniques but more importantly much better internal component strength, these new engines ensure far better reliability, longer times between engine freshen up and consequently lower running costs with better preparation time during the season. With the various events on offer in Historic Motorsport it is now possible to compete in races with different race lengths i.e: (Masters/CER/Silverstone Classic) and go all season with improved durability and performance on one engine."
So, what's in store for Neil in 2012? Well, they will be racing in the CER Championship. Neil Primrose will be co-driving the Lola T212 and Lola T290 in CER and Le Mans Classic with legendary driver John Sheldon. John has many years of experience driving all kinds of machinery, with over thirty appearances combined at Daytona, Le Mans and Sebring. "It should be a great year's historic racing," says Neil. Lola or historic racing fan? Then check out the Isa racing website, and read more about Neil's year here on the blog and in 2012 at www.roadmagazine.co.uk. And you can read Neil's last Road trip to the Ring in a Mugen Civic Type R here: http://issuu.com/roadonlinemagazine/docs/road_19_small


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