Road Magazine: Subaru WRX STi 320R: 0-60mph launch: "Subaglue!"

We've been lucky enough to be testing the brand new 320R – a special power upgraded Subaru WRX STi over the recent holiday... and very good it is too, as you'll read in our forthcoming Subaru special of, out soon in 2012. We also got the chance to try out a short and sweet bit of filming using our ace, user-friendly, amazingly-stable, high quality new Mini DVR-HD bullet camera and suction mount set-up from Here, it's being used to show how well the 320R launches, in the wet, and blitzes 0-60mph, filmed on a private rally test track in a secret location! You can see why the WRX STi gets called "Subaglue" eh? Imprezive!


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