NEW! DogCam Bullet HD Waterproof Camcorder For £90!

Road Magazine's viral video assault is given another massive boost this week, with the incredible new DogCam Bullet HD camcorder, thanks to the wonderful team at And we'll soon be using this powerful tiny media tool in conjunction with their mini DVR-HD and mounts we received in December, uploading our edited and unedited videos here on the blog & Road magazine website (, our You Tube site ( and Road social media ( and @roadmagazine on Twitter). Subscribe, share and stay tuned! The brand new DogCam bullet HD 720p camera has incredible waterproof capability, is tested to hang on at speeds of 150mph, is so compact and user-friendly you won't believe and records fabulous images in HD – all for under £90! Expect it to be hanging on for dear life off some super cars, track cars, race cars, rally cars and even our humble Project S4 very soon, for your FREE entertainment, throughout 2012. DogCam's Gary Chambers says: "After years of being asked for just a simple, small, starter HD bullet camera that is all self contained, we've finally come up with a product we'll think you'll love. The Bullet HD has a built-in battery that gives 1.5 hours of filming in 720p HD mode. It is tiny, measuring just 78mm long and 22mm in diameter and it only weighs 32 grams! You can put any size Micro SD memory card in to the back of the camera up to 32gb which will hold an amazing eight hours of good quality video and audio. OK, at this price you won't be getting quite the same video quality as a GoPro HD but for less than £100 you can take it anywhere and wear it without looking like you're running around with a toaster attached to your head." One of the best features is the lens – unlike many other bullet HD's, it is not "fish eye" wide angle, fitted with a 63 degree which makes it particularly well suited to motor sports use, as we will be doing. And the DogCam Bullet HD camera couldn't be any easier to use: Charge it up, insert the memory card and press the button on the top of the camera. Within 5 seconds the camera comes on and start filming. Push the button again to stop. .MOV files done! You get two back covers with the camera. One with tiny holes for when you want to record good quality sound and one which is sealed for when you want to take the camera in to the water up to 10m. Both covers have a 1/4" thread for suction or clamp mounting the camera. Gary adds: "Out of all the new camera systems we've had come through the office over the last few weeks, this is the one we can't put down. It's also the only one we can carry around in our pockets ready for any spontaneous sporting office activity we might suddenly partake in." Check out the DogCamSport website for more news and follow them on Twitter @dogcamsport. Thanks Gary. And be sure to check out our videos throughout 2012.


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