Palmer & Hales Anglesey Masterclass Is Back

Road covered Don Palmer and Mark Hales' "Masterclass" way back in September 2009, in a Porsche Cayman S (see: These two old boys know their onions when it comes to driving, and the subtle art of teaching you to be a better, safer, faster driver, or racer. Don is a 'limit handling guru,' with a unique teaching style, using lots of mind games and leaving you with ownership of the knowledge gleaned. Racer Mark is more traditional, but equally gifted. And we recommend their Masterclass – now with a skid car program – whole heartedly, which is held in small groups at the stunning Anglesey circuit. We learned a lot in the well organised, fun event. Don says: "It's been a while since we ran a Masterclass and we decided to revamp the course somewhat, consequently we strengthened the car control aspects with an extra module using a skid car. The response was universally positive and from our perspective as coaches it made a significant difference to student performance. We've added two extra staff; Simon Hiscock is a seasoned coach who's spent his working life around circuits and driver development; Malcolm Hamilton ran the skid car for us, he's an old friend of Mark Hales and Richard Peacock (Anglesey Circuit manager) having raced against them both during the last forty years, experience is everything in this business. Experience is just what the students got during the course and they all went away grinning from 'ere to there. Having made the leap we will keep the skid car module for October which will run on 17th and 18th. The fundamental modules which makes it possible to learn a new track quickly and easily remain unchanged. The course will run at the Anglesey circuit and will teach you how to become increasingly successful on the race track. The development of your ability is assured and will result in higher levels of awareness as you take responsibility for your own continuous improvement. This will be an easy, comfortable and enjoyable transition which is measured by your own success." It doesn't come cheap, at £1995, but what's the old adage... you get what you pay for. Find out more at: by calling Don on +44(0)7769-911911. Tell 'em Road sent you...


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