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The latest issue of, Road 19, a front wheel drive cult car special, is live now via:, or by clicking on the cover image in the right hand tool bar of the blog. This month's Road Magazine looks at three, new, fabulous front wheel drive cars. Travis drummer, racer and Road tester, Neil Primrose takes the hardcore Mugen Edition Honda Civic Type R from the great roads in the Lake District to the Nurburgring, where he's racing in the VLN Championship in an old shape Civic R with Mugen mods. And we road test the new fast and frugal, twincharged Skoda Fabia vRS and the gorgeous Peugeot RCZ 200. Let the torque steer commence! Please do share the latest FREE issue of Road with your friends. And find back issues of Road Magazine here: or by clicking on the Road Back Issues section of this blog in the header tool bar.


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