Lexus LFA Nordschleife Lap Record: Apparently!

While we are on a Ring lap record tip... here's another incredible result, with the new Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition posting an incredible 7:14s lap record, according to rumours. This would make it one of the fastest production car laps ever, seeing off Nissan's mighty GT-R, Porsche's GT2 etc, but sitting below the Gumpert Apollo Speed, Donkervoort track tool and Radical SR8 of course. Lexus test driver Akira Iida (driving in test video above) set the incredible time, allegedly in a standard LFA Nurburgring Edition, which boasts a 562bhp 4.8-litre V10, six-speed gearbox, carbon aero parts and huge rear wing. The telemetry equipped (fascinating) video above is one they made in testing for the record attempt. The world is waiting for the official one...


  1. 7:14 would be amazing!

    But it's funny and interesting (I ticked both boxes) to see that my litte Clio Cup (on slicks, 200hp) is quite faster in the turns, even uphill... Mutkurve is a terrific example.
    Details here:

  2. Hey Pierre,
    Thanks for getting involved, and commenting (and ticking boxes!) on the blog.
    We have just watched your video and are impressed.
    You may be down nigh on 400bhp, compared to the Lexus NBR Edition, but you sure do nail those apexes, time after time.
    And, as you say, its amazing how much more g and corner speed you can take in a lighter car on slicks, with racing set-up.
    Just goes to show, power is the lazy way for a quick lap...!
    Nice driving.
    The VLN is a lot of fun, right?
    You may have seen our man, Neil Primrose in his white, red and blue Civic Type R racing two weekends ago? Sadly, the car broke down...
    Article in the magazine next month...
    Thanks, Road Magazine Editor, Phil

  3. Looks like it's confirmed: Lexus_EU tweeted yesterday "7'14" - the video is coming shortly....."

    Thanks for the flowers about my lap. :-) And yep, the VLN is just fantastic! Love it.

    Too bad about Neil's car. I wish him and his co-drivers all the best for their next race! Looking forward to reading your report...


  4. Yeah, we saw that also Pierre. Looking forward to the video.
    Glad you are enjoying VLN.
    Neil's report is in the next issue. Meantime, do have a look at the back issues, as there is a lot of VLn, 24Hr and Ring stuff...
    Cheers, Ed


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