Marcus Gronholm on Two Wheels @ Lydden Hill Rallycross

Thanks to David Binks for sending us this amazing video of ex-WRC champion and all-round hero, Marcus Gronholm, blitzing the competition in his first time ever out in the British Rallycross Championships at Lydden Hill, driving in the Best Buy/OMSE Ford Fiesta Mk7 Rallycross monster (0-60 - sub 2secs!). Some seriously talented driving from Marcus and David leads to fine results (see blog post down below, for more information). And you just have to watch Gronholm save the Fiesta from an almost certain roll, up on two wheels like a stunt driver. How he recovers that is beyond us! Amazing stuff eh? 


  1. One heck of an impressive performance by the WRC champ. Two wheel skid through a turn to the victory is not a common treat. If possible Marcus outdid himself on this occasion...


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