BMW 730Ld Wins Professional Driver Car 2011

Still one of the best cars we've ever tested, the BMW 730Ld has done it again – been crowned 'Professional Driver Car of the Year 2011,' an accolade it has held onto since 2009! And, in addition to the overall Car of the Year Award, the BMW 730Ld also won the 'Chauffeur Car of the year' category, fighting off off tough competition from the new Audi A8L, as well as from last year’s Professional Driver Car of the Year, the Jaguar XJL. The heady mix of that awesomely smooth, economical, torquey diesel engine, incredible comfort and spec levels (including the best active cruise control system on the market), rear legroom and much more kept it ahead of its excellent Audi and Jaguar rivals. Respect is due, so well done BMW. See the Road Magazine feature, on a 1,200-mile round trip to the McRae Stages Rally here:


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