Jaguar C-X16 Concept Video

Jaguar are unstoppable at the moment... as their new C-X16 concept car, about to be unveiled at next week's Frankfurt Motor Show clearly demonstrates. Blending aesthetics from their own iconic 50-year-old E-Type, Nissan's 370Z, BMW Z cars, Ferrari and Porsche, yet somehow looking better than all of them... it is a stunner, right? The two-seater should cost about £50,000 and will have a new petrol V6, with supercharger naturally, putting out c375bhp and 332lb ft. But it'll also have a 95bhp electric motor, so expect it to be stupidly quick for a V6. 0-60mph is quoted at 4.4s, yet CO2 just 165g/Km, thanks to the hybrid technology. Obviously, it'll be rear wheel drive, have a 50:50 weight distribution and should have an eight-speed automatic transmission. Best of all, it's going to have a "push to pass" button... now, how cool is that? We love it... but what do you think?


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