Z-Cars Hayabusa Mini shoot

This week, Road Magazine has been out filming with Sport 1's Turbo Automagazin presenter and star driver, Tim Schrick. And here he is (instantly sideways!) getting to grips with one of the great cars www.roylemedia.co.uk lined up for him to test in the UK. It's a Z-Cars (www.zcars.org.uk) Hayabusa bike engined classic Mini, in action broadside at the excellent www.manbymotorplex.com. Tim loved the lightweight (550Kg), space framed, sequential geared monster of a Mini. He said: "It's super direct, very quick and a lot of fun to drive." We concur... and you can read all about the test – and our trip to the awesome Z-Cars factory near Hull, where there was a myriad of amazing projects on the go – in our monthly magazine here very soon (follow us by email to get daily updates on our Road magazine"Life with Cars"). Happy days!


  1. That was an awesome day out, I took my little Vtec down to watch the filming and wasn't disappointed. Tim really is an amazing driver, only took him a couple of minutes to get right on the limit and sideways :) The mini he was in goes like a bullet (almost as quick as mine! lol)

  2. Thanks Dave. It was great to meet you and the Vtec Mini. Keep your eyes peeled on the magazine in a month and you will see the car in there. Tim loved the car - considering buying one soon! :-)


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