NBR 24Hr: Tim Schrick to race in new bio-diesel Scirocco

Road buddy, Turbo Auto magazin TV presenter on Sport 1 and race ace, Tim Schrick is set to pilot an interesting, new bio-concept VW Motorsport Scirocco at the ADAC Nurburgring 24-Hour, June 23rd-26th. The 240PS, 150mph green racing machine will be fueled by a new breed of premium-quality renewable diesel (NExBTL, with 7% FAME biodiesel from rape seed oil, for fuel geeks!), developed by Neste Oils (www.nesteoil.com). It's the first time this most advanced diesel fuel has been used in race conditions. Neste say: "We are very excited that this will take place at the renowned 24-Hour race at the Nurburgring circuit, which has been the showcase for the latest automotive technology for decades. It easily outperforms both conventional biodiesel and fossil diesel and can be produced from a flexible mix of vegetable oils and waste animal fat sourced from the foot industry. It's been shown to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 50%, compared to fossil diesel." Interesting stuff, as it will be green, produce good power and torque and crucially, require less fuel stops. Combined with Tim's amazing racing skills and experience, it's one to watch at this year's endurance classic...


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