Castle Combe and Forge Motorsport link up

Historic (and Road favourite) Castle Combe Circuit has joined forces with another Road friend (Project S4 supplier), Forge Motorsport – who are partnering the forthcoming Summer 'Performance Car Action Day,' Saturday September 10th. Forge will be sponsoring the packed track and paddock show event, attracting over 100 car clubs, showing off their immense product range, along with various race cars – including Bo Neilson's Astra VXR (2010 Tim Attack Champ) and two sorted VW Racing Cup cars. The event will also feature Combe's first "Subaru Saturday" – showcasing a host of tuned Imprezas, Legacys and Foresters, on and off track. Subaglue fans, take note! Track time can be bought in advance for as little as £30 a session, and tickets are just £8 in advance (£35 or £10 respectively, on the day). And under 16s go free! We'll be there, to support this great performance car event at the speedy 1.85-mile circuit. Will you? Get information and tickets via or by emailing


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