VIDEO: Z Cars GM V8 Supercar Test @ Nurburgring With Tim Schrick. Get Involved!

Our amazing pals at Z Cars have gone and done something rather special. We've been lucky enough to know about this project for many months now, since it was just an idea on paper, then a chassis in development and now it's an R&D 'mule.' And it's special. Really special.
We still can't tell you much (as mum's the word for now), other than it's being built under the terms of a special projects supply from General Motors. But we can show you how unbelievably quick it is in this video of our good pal Tim Schrick (who we put up for the test via Royle Media) putting it through some suspension R&D at the Nurburgring in Autumn 2012. Just watch how fast its going at the end of the lap, after Tim gets into it, not to mention making mincemeat out of two BAC Mono's at the four minute mark! Jees! 
The weapon of a car is going to be a gorgeous, top-spec, bonkers fast V8 mid-engine, street-legal supercar – and Z Cars are looking for a customer to become part of the program. The package includes the lucky customer getting the first finished car and meantime, being invited to test sessions and press events. It's a once in a lifetime experience for 2013. All serious enquiries should go via the Z Cars offices by calling +44 (0)-1964-527725. Fancy it? We do! 

Oh, and here's what it looks like with bodywork on too... lush! 

More details here on the blog, and @Roadmagazine and @Roylemedia on Twitter soon... 


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