NEWS: Amazing Car Auction @ Race Retro Event, Feb 22-24

Race Retro at Stoneleigh Park is closing in, taking place February 22-24th this year. As usual, the event will be packed with great old school cool cars, drivers, displays and activities with themes this year including covering Team Lotus, the Renault Alpine and Group B Rally beasts. Nice. One of the biggest attractions also has to be the amazing Silverstone Auctions sale, which (as ever) is loaded with amazing old skool cool machinery. 
One that stood out for us – (a) because we've always wanted to own one having been on a few, hairy, memorable stages in a similar one,  (b) have seen it rally back in the late 1980s and (c) because it's a bargain – is this 1985 Ford Sierra Cosworth Group B rally car, still wrapped in its 1988 Ulster Rally livery, as driven by Gwyndaf Evans there and in the Lombard RAC of that year and 1987. Bertie Fisher also drive the car on the 1987 Manx International Rally. Legends. 
Originally a press car, the Ford special vehicle competition team at Boreham turned the "Cossie" into a full works Group N vehicle and its recently been revamped by BGMsport, to meet current historic MSA and FIA regs. And, with 291bhp on tap from the Cosworth turbo engine and rear-wheel drive, C234 HVM, is one hell of a lot of fun waiting to happen. It's also a steal if it hits its estimate of just £27,000-£30,000. Sorely tempted! Are you?
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