VIDEO: Tim Schrick's New Project Evo IX Wagon Is Go! Sideways!

Happy New Year Roadies!
To launch us sideways into 2013, we have had word from our very good schnell freunde, Tim Schrick – who's finally been bitten by the turbo nutter barge bug. After years of only being a RWD, normally-aspirated, lightweight car man, Tim's got into the AWD, boost junkie phase of his life, and bought himself a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Wagon load lugger to smoke abut sideways in, with luggage! No doubt, he will be running more boost, upgraded suspension and much more soon, and blasting it around the Ring, four-wheel-drifts at every turn. Meantime, here he is 'testing' one (up against an Audi RS6) for his old TV show, D-Motor. Nice driving, as ever Tim!
Stay tuned here for more of Tim's Project Evo Wagon updates and videos here and at Road Magazine.


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