NEWS: Conrad Grunewald Drift Camaro Update II

We've had another ace Hankook/Top 1 Oil Chevrolet Camaro drift car project report from our main man Stateside, Conrad Grunewald via our USA correspondent Ashley Van Dyke. It looks like things are making really solid progress, as Conrad says: "Hey Roadies! It's Conrad here and I am back in the great state of North Carolina to check in on the boys at B.R.E as we continue to develop the new car for 2013. We are excited that you are following along on the development and we hope that you are as excited about the season to start as we are!" You betcha (Ed)!
Since the last update, the crew at B.R.E. have been making solid progress on the build plan for Conrad Grunewald's Hankook/Top 1 Oil Chevrolet Camaro, as top-notch parts from our 2013 partners roll in. The bulk of the work at the current stage is mocking up the parts for fitment. The roll cage has been completed, and the transmission tunnel is ready for the new dogbox, built to match the new Chevrolet Performance engine. The chromoly front and rear crash structures will be completed once all of the body panels have arrived. The O.M.P seat has been installed. The pedal setup from Wilwood has been mounted and installed. The steering column and steering wheel location have been determined. The Speedwire electronic system has been mocked up, and is ready for the ECU from Chevrolet Performance. Again, B.R.E. continues to pay attention to all of the small details that will take this Camaro to the next level.
"It’s been great working on Conrad's Chevrolet Camaro," said Terry “TJ” Johnson Jr, B.R.E Lead Fabricator. "I feel like we’re going back to the old school days of modifying a production car that people are actually buying at the dealership. This is not a kit car that comes with instructions. It’s really giving me an opportunity to apply my creativity and fabrication skills in a new way. I can’t wait to see our hard work pay off when Conrad gets behind the wheel at Long Beach!"
Best of luck with the rest of the build – which you will be able to keep up with every step of the way with here and on our Facebook and Twitter page.


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