Toyota GT 86: Dynamic Driving Video

Understandably, the motoring press and fans of "drivers cars" are going nuts about the all new Toyota GT 86: Half Toyota, half Subaru, this 'Toyobaru' joint venture (FT-86 in concept form, GT 86 in Europe, FR-S in the USA and '86' in Japan), will feature a 200bhp, 151lb ft 1998cc Subaru-developed boxer unit, delivering 0-62mph in around 7.0secs and a 140+mph top speed: Not that fast then... but it's the handling set-up where this car aims to be a classic – RWD, limited slip differential, 1180Kg, six-speed gearbox and proper suspension... sounds good to us! Looks great too! Prices are expected to be c£28K in the UK, somewhat higher than £22K suggested. Maybe it's that good? Only time will tell... Toyota say: "It's an entirely driver-focused sports car designed to recapture the intrinsic joy of driving." To find out more about Toyota's new sports car, click here: Exciting times for fans of the old AE86, like us. Likey?


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