2011 Macau Grand Prix - Road Sport Challenge 路車挑戰賽

The Macau Grand Prix is one of the most challenging, technical and crash-filled races in the world, as this video shows. High walls, fast straights, narrow circuit... Macau makes Monaco look tame! Originally conceived as a street treasure hunt in 1954,  the Macau GP now attracts 100s of top 'street circuit racers' for the Road Sport Challenge and is held on the 3.80 mile Guia Circuit, for a 10 lap dog fight. This year's 58th Macau GP RSC was a cracker, won by just 3.452-seconds by Phillip Yau, in an awesome Nissan GTR35, run by KC Racing, and fitted with a PPG sequential gearbox: www.ppgearbox.com.au. Sit back and enjoy the mental racing, and listen to that GTR fly. How quick? 


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