AMS Alpha 12: World's Fastest R35 GT-R 216.9mph

The standard Nissan GT-R supercar slayer is more car than most can handle, peaking at 193mph V-Max. But what if you tune the backside off the big twin turbo V6? What then? How about 216.9mph? The team from AMS Performance created the 'Antigua/Barbuda Alpha 12 GT-R' and brought it to the October 2011 Texas Mile – aiming to set a new world record for the fastest R35 GT-R. And, even with windy and unfavorable conditions at this fall's Mile event, the Alpha 12 owned by Andrew Hadeed of Antigua Barbuda, nailed the title of world's fastest R35 GT-R with a top speed of 216.9mph! Just check out the in-car speedometer shot... it's barely believable! And listen to all that boost. We love it! Congratulations to the AMS Performance crew. What's next?


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