Christmas Drink Driving Breathalysers

With the Christmas drink driving campaigns about to start, how about having a digital gauge that's as accurate as the units the police use? But, instead of costing £815, as the met's do, you can buy one just the same now for £299. Welcome to the AlcoDigital3000! The manufacturers say: "The AlcoDigital3000 gives exactly the same pin-point accurate results as the Police would get – time after time, year after year. Unlike every other personal breathalyzer sold in the UK, the 3000 is built for AlcoDigital by the manufacturer of an actual UK Police Breathalyzer – the Draeger 6510, giving it more than twelve times the accuracy of other personal breathalysers." Its one button touch operation, durability, two year guarantee and 'buy now, pay later' options make it a no brainer to make sure you're safe to hold on to your licence... over the festive season, and beyond. Find out more at:


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