2012 BMW M5 Twin-Turbo V8 Video

To BMW M5 purists, the new 2012 model, being launched today in Europe to the press is heresy – as it's ditched the normally-aspirated M-lumps of old legendary M5's in favour of a 4,395cc Twin Scroll Twin Turbo unit, offering 560bhp (at 6,000rpm), 501ft-lb torque (max torque at just 1500rpm), delivered though a new seven-speed DCT transmission, M differential and, of course (thank God!) rear wheel drive. Quoted acceleration time are: 0-100km (0-62mph) in 4.4 seconds (E60 M5 took 4.7 seconds), 0-200km (0-124mph) in 13 seconds dead and a limited top speed of 250kmh (155mph), although an "M-Drivers-Package" will increase top speed 305km/h (189mph). And it'll do 28.5 mpg. But, best of all, it drifts like a good 'un, as all M5's should. Check out this lovely BMW video to prove it...


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