PRODUCT: New TomTom GO 6000

The new, top quality TomTom GO 6000 just arrived for testing – and first impressions are utterly awesome! The huge, six inch capacitive screen is deeply impressive, clear and freshly designed – with the aim of making navigation as idiot proof, simple, straight forward and accurate as possible, with loads of new features and real time traffic reports on your route, helping you to avoid traffic jams... which has got to be good, right? 
The new TomTom GO 6000 PND now features an interactive 3D map system, aiming to assist you navigate in urban environments:

And there's also quick search function, a 'My Places' section for favourite destinations and an all-new route bar – loaded with simple, easy to read, all inclusive information, like ETA, distance to destination, delays on route in minutes, speed limit on upcoming cameras, road works detected, zoomed-in speed camera alerts, traffic speed on route (in colours) and distance to the next event etc. 
The PND looks, feels and sounds superb – with every possible function nailed down, and that's just on the home screens; there's a whole host of useful functions, preferences and information in the menus. 
And, even more impressively, there's now lifetime maps and real-time traffic updates supplied – something that would have cost you over £100 previously. Cool eh?
TomTom point out the TomTom GO range is the only navigation device...:
* Which allows you to start navigating in two taps. 
* Where the map with live traffic, is the first thing you see – giving you an immediate overview of the traffic situation around your current location and potential route. 
* With a ‘Jam Ahead’ warning for traffic incidents, which tells you exactly when you’ll hit the jam and warn you in case you’re moving at a faster speed than the traffic ahead. 
* Covering overs 99.5% of all roads allowing you to have precise traffic information wherever you go. 
* Is used by some of the world’s leading brands such as Renault, Daimler, Toyota, Blackberry and the AA.
Batteries last two hours when not plugged into a power source, there's smartphone connectivity, an eight gigabyte internal memory (that also accepts SD cards) and a one year warranty.
Prices are really competitive too:
GO 400 EU £159.99
GO 500 UK/ROI £189.99
GO 500 EU £199.99
GO 600 UK/ROI £229.99
GO 600 EU £239.99
The one we have on test, the GO 6000 EU is £299.99. We can't wait to get testing it out in the UK and EU on road trips and will keep you posted just how mega it is over time here, in Road Magazine and on Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned... 


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