NEWS: Alset Global Joins Hydrogen London Movement

The technology and engineering company responsible for the paradigm-shifting, record-breaking, 160mph zero emissions lapping of the 2013 Nürburgring 24-Hour in a 500PS Aston Martin Rapide V12 twin turbo (as featured here) – Alset Global – has joined the Hydrogen London scheme. 
Alset's ground-breaking Hybrid Hydrogen technology system works with the internal combustion engine to allow today and tomorrow’s passenger cars and commercial vehicles to run on hydrogen, gasoline/diesel or a blend of both fuels. It has been developed as a practical and affordable way to reduce CO2 emissions without comprising driving range, refuelling time or performance.
“Alset welcomes the opportunity to join industry leaders and explore the potential for new technologies and implement sustainable mobility solutions based on Hydrogen. The hydrogen economy will be driven by forward-thinking cities such as London and we have long admired the work of Hydrogen London,” says Gonzalo Auil, Regional Manager of Alset Global. “The hydrogen movement is growing and its voice is becoming louder and more credible by the day. Alset Global brings a more immediate automotive technology solution that can provide carbon-free mobility now while we wait for the hydrogen infrastructure to catch up.”
“In May we have proved the performance, durability and reliability of Hybrid Hydrogen in one of the most challenging environments possible, the next step for Alset Global is to show what this means in real life,” adds Auil. “Joining Hydrogen London enables us to reach out for more clients who are concerned with emission targets and legislations offering solutions with a clear cost advantage.”

Road Magazine believes this hybrid Hydrogen technology could future-proof the high performance car and allow future generations to enjoy V8's, V12's, turbos and all manner of glorious combustion engine etherial loveliness... so spread the word about Alset Global. They are the saviours of big power! And don't just take my word for it. Read what Aston Martin think and why they chose to work with Alset here.

Company history
Alset Global was formed in 2005 and is a technology and engineering company working on clean mobility solutions based on hydrogen. With European engineering headquarters in Graz, Austria, Alset Global has developed a unique, patented Hybrid Hydrogen system, to run on pure gasoline or pure hydrogen or a blend of both, which is designed to offer automotive OEMs, vehicle fleets and cities a clean mobility solution in time for new European emission standards in 2020 without disrupting the industry.


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