EXCLUSIVE NEWS: New TomTom Traffic Jam Buster Is Go!

Leading portable navigation device manufacturer, TomTom, has launched a new version of their superb TomTom Traffic – with its real time information service, assisting you in avoiding the hell of sitting in traffic, and keeping you safe.
And until the Government's recently announced £28 billion investment of our UK roads kicks in, the new TomTom Traffic system is the best chance you've got of avoiding traffic jam hell – being accurate down to 10 metres (whereas other services are precise down to 100 metres) and now covering 99.9% of all roads.
Best of all, the TomTom Traffic service is FREE on all if you buy any of the company’s new generation sat nav devices, for the lifetime of the product! A few years ago, a subscription would set you back £100 a year. Bonus!
The new TomTom Traffic also now includes an innovative ‘Jam Ahead Warning’ – which pinpoints the precise location of a traffic jam and sends an early-warning alert so that drivers can safely reduce their speed, or even avoid it by turning off the road they are on.
TomTom say: "This Jam Ahead feature has been developed to help reduce the likelihood of accidents from sudden unexpected jams ahead on the road (e.g. over the brow of a hill or around a bend where the slow moving traffic might not otherwise be seen). Often accidents occur as vehicles are unable to slow from higher speeds to the slow speed of the back of the queue.
"TomTom leverages the accuracy of being able to pinpoint the back of a queue and the relative difference in speed from the approaching road. If the speed difference is significant, drivers are alerted with a message as they approach the jam. On the new range of GO sat nav devices, the navigation bar changes colour to red as a warning.
"In a recent survey of over 1,500 British motorists, 44% say they’ve had to brake sharply because of a sudden traffic jam ahead. Nearly one in four (22%) claim the car behind has driven into the back of their vehicle when they’ve had to brake suddenly because of traffic.
"Whilst 58% of British drivers claim they always leave the required stopping distance between their car and the one in front, only 44% knew the correct distance at 60 mph (240 feet) – with 56% either under-estimating it or admitting they didn’t know.
"According to a recent TomTom survey, awareness of the stopping distance at 30 mph (75 feet) was even worse, with only 35% getting it right and 65% putting themselves and others at risk by under-estimating it or not knowing. Despite these findings, a staggering 90% think they have the necessary skills to be able to judge speed and distance accurately whilst driving!"
The latest version of TomTom Traffic also detects road works on highways, enabling drivers to adapt their journeys to avoid delays or adjust their journey times.
Additionally, the automatic detection of road closures is now extended and includes major secondary roads as well as highways. This improves the accuracy of routing and helps road users save time and fuel from unexpected diversions.
Tests have consistently shown TomTom Traffic, which is now available in 32 countries, to outperform competitor traffic products. Traffic quality should be judged on four key points: reliability of data, road coverage, accuracy of reports and frequency of updates. TomTom Traffic outperforms competitor services on at least three out of four of these criteria.
Cool stuff! Go TomTom... saving us from time we will never get back sitting in traffic jams. That's got to be good, right?  


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