NEWS EXCLUSIVE: New GM-backed V8 'Supercar Systems' Hypercar

Road Magazine has an exclusive on one of the most ground-breaking and certainly the fastest Hypercars ever created. The brand new, British engineered (by our pals Z Cars) Hypercar is being created, with support from GM (and the 500 Group) in the USA no less, by Supercar Systems, and we will bring you all the news, images, videos and details here and on our Facebook page. So stay tuned.
Meantime, do check out this mind-blowing video of our pal, Tim Schrick testing the car at the Nurburgring last year – which we and Royle Media (PR agents for the project) arranged. Just watch as Tim gets settled and destroys Porsches, Ferrari, Lotus and the new BAC Mono track super star. Deeply impressive eh?
And this when the car was still in early R&D phases... in the 700bhp supercharged V8 (640bhp per tonne) version. A twin turbo version coming after launch of the initial models will knock out over 1,000bhp (940bhp per tonne), in a car weighing just 1,100Kg! These incredible mid-engine V8 Supercar Systems hypercars are still in R&D and the final stages of the body design process currently, with full FIA approval for the chassis also being arranged along with a raft of other safety sign offs. But we can tell you it will be a very special, super safe, amazingly affordable, dynamically superior, ultra lightweight, potent and powerful, low, wide and aggressive monster, with some eye-watering stats and specs, like these:

The Supercar Systems cars will come with a range of GM V8 engines – normally-aspirated, supercharged and twin turbocharged – ranging from the base LS3 model with 455bhp per tonne, to the LS7 version with 500bhp per ton, to LS9 with 630-650bhp per tonne and right up to the special LSTT 1,000bhp+ twin turbo V8 version.
And it's not all about power. There will be a truly superb engineering spec, with Ohlins suspension, Tilton carbon-disc (anti-lock) brakes, lightweight OZ wheels, Michelin rubber, huge downforce aero kit, traction control system and a stunning/practical/stylish interior, with a full FIA roll cage. And it will have great 360-degree visibility, plenty of room inside, a nice interior and more besides, making it a safe and comfortable place to go incredibly fast!
The basic, initial performance aims are to lap the Nurburgring in under seven minutes (which based on the evidence of this testing, slow warm-up R&D video, will be no issue), knock out a 0-60mph in under three seconds, blitz the quarter mile in just 10-seconds and yet still be capable of 25-27mpg. Wowzers! Best of all, it's going to be a whole lot more affordable – as well as powerful and faster – than most super cars. And it'll have main dealer GM parts and support.Prices are TBC, but expect twice the power of a GT3 RS for roughly half the price!

PLUS... there's a chance for YOU to get involved with the project now! As part of a unique "early customer program" the Supercar System team are looking for volunteers who will want one of these incredible cars first off the production line to get involved and be included in the final R&D phases, a proper test session withTim Schrick at the Nurburgring and more cool, exciting stuff. If that's you, email our pals at Z Cars on Plus, there may well be a chance to have a say on the final design of the bodywork too.
This is a deeply exciting project and one we can not wait to get behind the wheel off, not to mention bring you all the details – here on our blog and in Road Magazine. Remember, you heard it here first folks!


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