MAGAZINE: Latest Issue Of Road Magazine: Subaru II

This month's Road Magazine is our second Subaru special. We say a fond farewell to the last of the UK WRX STi legends, the punchy 340R, with a road trip to the Lakes. Hopefully, this is NOT the last we see of this amazing rally-bred turbo nutter; but it is, for now, here in the UK. Sad sign of the times. We also have a sneak preview of the brand new Forester GenIV, which is looking like picking up where the last fabulous model took off. Good news, at last! And we take the most under-rated Subaru of them all – the dependable Outback – on a 1,555-mile road trip to Meribel in the Alps, to really stretch its legs. Finally, we look at Subaru's class-winning SUV, the XV. Subaru had a record breaking year in 2012, globally, but needs our support here in the UK. Why, we just do not know. Their cars are brilliant, reliable, affordable, practical, fun and different. And we've not even mentioned the epic BRZ. Try one today and be prepared to be impressed. And do please share our humble publication with your mates – Subaru fans or not! And enjoy some Subaru videos on our Facebook page.


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