NEWS: Conrad Grunewald Racing Formula Drift Championship R1 Long Beach Report

Our drifting dude in the States, Conrad Grunewald let rip in his brand new Hankook/Megan Racing/Top 1 Oil Chevrolet Camaro at the first round of the Formula Drift championship in Long Beach this past weekend. The build has happened real fast and looks amazing, but teething issues dictated the first round event, sadly.  
Here's what he had to say: 
"It was a tall order project to build this race car with only one goal in mind - win more races.
The Conrad Grunewald Racing team and I unloaded the car on Thursday and things started off well until clutch issues started up almost as soon as they started making runs on track. The crew worked to find the cause and discovered the clutch wasn’t engaging properly. After practice, there were a few setup adjustments and then we prepared the car for qualifications.
"Sadly, more issues continued to plague the team as we headed into the first qualification run. And just as I was getting ready to take my run – the car ran out of gas! Having been completely full with eight gallons before leaving the paddock, this was a puzzle for the team to work out and trouble shoot with very little time and only one shot left at making it into the main event. When I finally took to the track for my second qualification, clutch issues were back and the car wasn’t able to make full drifts during the run.
"It was a tough weekend for us and the team worked so hard, I can’t thank everyone enough. This COPO engine has me smiling every time I go for the throttle and the Megan Racing suspension we have now is making a big difference. I really need to thank Hankook, Top 1 Oil, Chevrolet Performance and all of our partners for their support."
The Hankook/Megan Racing/Top 1 Oil Chevrolet Camaro will be at Road Atlanta on May 11th for Round 2 of the Formula Drift championships. For more information on Conrad Grunewald please visit:
Stay tuned for all the news here... and expect Conrad and his monster Camaro to be setting some monster backwards entries real soon.  


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