VIDEO: Audi RS Moments of Truth: 1983 Quattro

Legendary rally driver, Hannu Mikkola talks us through another of Audi RS' "Moments of Truth" (a series of highly stylized, dynamic short-form documentaries that capture a moment in time) with visual, visceral proof of the impact that technological – specifically Quattro – innovation and risk-taking –specifically Hannu's ballsy driving – has had on performance in the highly competitive world of rallying, when events were almost a week long and sleep was a luxury.
Audi say: "This film tells the story of Audi quattro and the advantage that four-wheel drive technology afforded Audi race teams in the early 1980s on the FIA World Rally Championship circuit. Audi driver and WRC Champion Hannu Mikkola tells the story of his win at the 1983 1000 Lakes Rally in Finland -- a gruelling race full of big-air jumps and hairpin turns. Audi quattro GmbH head of development Stephan Reil links the story to modern day refinements of the quattro drivetrain bringing to life the technological benefits of the crown gear and sport differential through dynamic track footage of the all-new RS 5." 
Well worth a watch if you like rallying and hearing the best sounding rally car is history making history.


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